Becoming a Brother

Becoming a brother is more than just signing up. It is making a commitment to live into the Phi Kappa Tau values not just for your time at Kenyon but for the rest of your life. It is instantly having a strong and meaningful connection with over 90,000 men around the world.

When you join a group of guys and you really bond with them, when you’re all pulled in the same direction by this invisible thread that we call fraternity, all your craziest dreams feel attainable. It’s really magical. -Peter Granville ’16

Joining a fraternity can be immensely rewarding. Your brothers will challenge you every day to be a better man, to be a leader in your community, and to reach your full potential.

Photograph by Paul Rutherford

Benefits of Membership

Beyond the brotherhood that comes with joining a fraternity, our members have the opportunity to attend a variety of different leadership workshops. From Regional Conferences, to Leadership Academies, to National Conventions, our organization not only encourages its members to be a driving force for change, it gives them the tools to do so.

At the end of each year, I leave campus knowing that I am a stronger leader, a more confident individual, and a better man. Phi Kappa Tau has a lot to do with that. -Gibson Oakley ’16

Joining Phi Kappa Tau enters you into a network that is over 90,000 strong. These instant connections are invaluable in the job market and beyond.

Photograph by Paul Rutherford


Members are expected to live the values of Phi Kappa Tau every day. Strong academics and a commitment to community service are just one part of that. Each brother must complete sixteen hours of community service each year and must maintain a GPA at or above a 3.0. It’s important to note that there is a process in place to allow strong candidates to join even if their GPA falls below the requirement.

To contribute to the well being of others through community service and philanthropy is both an honor and a pleasure. -Sam Larson ’17

Photograph by Paul Rutherford


Honestly, I didn’t think that fraternity life would suit me. Obviously it isn’t a decision that will suit everyone. However, it’s at least worth a look because it can change your life for the better. -Eddie Baxter ’15

If you are interested in learning more or getting to know some of our members, feel free to reach out to our recruitment chair, Dalin Frantz. Also, be sure to check out our upcoming events. We’d love to see you at one of them.