The Zeta Kappa Summer Playlist

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Ah, summer.  Pool parties, hiking, epic water balloon fights… It’s a pretty groovy time.  But, the most quintessential summer stereotype may just be the existence of your Summer Song.  You know, that one tune that you’re dying to hear more of on the radio, that you always play first on iTunes or Spotify, that you desperately show all your friends, hoping that they’ll be as obsessed with it as you are.  Well, the brothers of Zeta Kappa have Summer Songs.  And here, compiled below, is our Summer Playlist.  We hope you’ll be as captivated as we are.


Matt: “Swim and Eat (Like a Shark)”-Unknown Mortal Orchestra

“‘Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)’ has the classic feeling of a lazy day at the beach perfected during the long-gone, mysterious summer of ’69, while still presenting enough perplexing imagery and ambiguous moral questions to keep the deepest, darkest parts of your hipster conscious from feeling guilty about listening to a mainstream group. Endless entertainment.  Also, I know it’s a bit mainstream now with the albums being released on media other than 8-tracks, but check out ‘The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song’ by the Flaming Lips.”


Fletcher: “Anti-Summersong”-The Decemberists

“To find my song of the summer, I went into iTunes and found songs that actually came out in 2015, because you can’t just let ‘ALL STAR’ by SMASH MOUTH be the song of the summer EVERY summer.  So my song of the summer is ‘ANTI-SUMMERSONG’ by The Decemberists, because it’s a fun song that’s kind of laughing at itself, which is what I think summer should be like.  That and having a MINIMUM WAGE JOB and NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH.”


Sam: “Lisa Sawyer”-Leon Bridges

“This man creates beautiful music (he’s kinda like a contemporary Sam Cooke).  Just a gorgeous jazz/soul combo.  Ugh.  Listen to those backing horns.”


Gibson: “Warm in the Winter”-Glass Candy

“I’m pretty easily distracted, so I usually don’t listen to music when I’m doing any work that requires me to think, but this song, with its gentle drive, is great background music for any task.”


Griffin: “T-Shirt Weather”-Circa Waves

“I got to see my brother for a total of 10 days and he wouldn’t stop playing this song. It’s happy and bright and brings memories of running through fields and across the beach.”


Peter G: “Rock Box”-Run DMC

“Like any good break, summer is the perfect time to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. Rock Box reminds me that the best way to define yourself is in terms of action and goals rather than images or stereotypes. If Run-DMC had a mission statement, it would be Rock Box, and I think it’s a great statement.”


Hanning: “Banana Pancakes”-Jack Johnson

“This song seems to capture the whimsical nature of my last summer before graduation. I’m taking the time to appreciate the small pleasures in life and connect with friends.”


Brendan: “One Day at a Time (ODESZA Remix)”-Pretty Lights

“Because CONSTRUCTION.  But also because it’s important to enjoy every day of summer as much as possible.”


Peter T: “So What”-Biréli Lagrène & Giuseppe Continenza

“I chose this piece because it just really encapsulates where I want to take my music on an artistic level.  It’s just two dudes swingin’ hard on the music they love and I think that’s pretty beautiful.”


Henry: “Whiskey in the Jar”-The High Kings

“Well I’m spending half of my summer in Ireland so… Yeah.”


Mark: “Lean On”-Major Lazer ft. DJ Snake and MØ

“This is a good summer song choice because it has both relaxed verses and a poppy chorus that makes this song good for many situations: relaxing in the evening, hanging out with friends, running from the law, or as a good road trip song.”


Jacob: “Drove Me Wild”-Tegan and Sara

“This song captures the essence of what summer should be. And the song also happens to be by twins, who always make everything cooler.”


Jono:  “Think About It”-Flight of the Conchords

“In the summer we get to see the world -that is not Kenyon-.

Not Kenyon can be very, very scary.

This song is very, very scary.”

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